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Custom bottled water and logo water with your advertising in Dubai 
- We deliver to the Emirate of Dubai and Abu Dhabi each month.  

refreshing Danish water
your Privat Logo bottle is something everyone can appreciate. That's why it is the perfect
giveaway for exhibitions, events, conferences, trade shows, outdoor activities, sporting events, sales meetings or anywhere else.

Private label bottled water communicates a message to your customers about your brand. Consider a personalized bottled water to be your company’s premium business card. You are moving your brand forward, telling a story, and leaving an impression.

We deliver to the Emirate of Dubai and Abu Dhabi each month.
The water is broadcasting from Denmark and delivered directly to
your address. Bottled water and logo water with your advertising in Dubai

Our logo water with your own label comes in:

0.30 (0.08 gallons)
0.50 (0.13 gallons)

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Bottled water with private label, sleeve bottle

Manifold opportunities for you

At Aquadana, we have a many ways to design your bottled water:
with company name, logo, pictures, slogan, with advertising message,           
with bottle hanger as a business card, waterbook,
with sportcap (black) or caps in 8 different colors, etc.
Use your own design or let us help.

The features of our promotional water:

- Water with customized private label
- Natural mineral water carbonated or non-carbonated
- Drink bottle with screw cap
- Drink bottle with twist-off sportcap
- Bottle hanger as a business card is an option


Contact us in Dubai

Do you have questions about the range, price or
do you need more information on custom bottled water
- we are always there for you.

Dorthe Sommer
Sales Manager in Dubai
E-mail :

In Denmark
Phone number: 0045 70 26 25 18