AQUA D'OR®, the Danish bottled water

All of our promotional water is drawn off by AQUADOR® - part of Danone Group.
The natural mineral water has never been in contact with any type of pollution.
Way back in time, long before the industrialisation of society, water began to seep slowly from the surface of the virgin landscape through innumerable layers
of sand and clay towards the reservoir. A natural water reservoir located 160 meters below the Jutland heath. The wandering of water seeps so slowly that the hike to the reservoir began in the Viking Age.


The characteristic mineral content

Filtering through the many layers of the earth, also gives our water a characteristic low mineral content, which helps your body to be (to stay) cleansed and balanced.


High-quality water

In order to preserve the naturally high quality and numerous good properties of the water, we extract it using an ultra-modern installation and channel it directly into the bottling plant. The bottles are produced and filled directly in the bottling line, so the water is never touched or handled by people. We do this with a very comprehensive control and quality assurance program on bottling. Since 2008 we have been striving tirelessly to become more efficient and eco-friendly.


Certification of food safety

All the processes in the bottling plant are monitored by a comprehensive program of quality checks, documented through more than 1,000 analyses every week. In this way, we can assure that the AQUA D’OR waters are always of the highest quality.
In 2006, AQUA D’OR became the first Danish producer of natural mineral water to obtain food safety certification according to the international ISO 22000 standard.

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